Storyteller X H&M

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The brief of Storyteller & HM

The collection is inspired by the main collection Storyteller, which illustrated an experience of time traveling by recall the memory from a storyteller.  Storyteller is focusing on high income audience and high end market level, for expending the potential market, the designer combined the feature from Storyteller (the main collection) with H&M, a leader of high street fashion, established a collection with is focusing on the younger audience.
This collection is designed for the season 2017 SS womenswear. It is designed for the women age between 20-28, who at the age of exploring the potential of them and the world. They are lacking of the ability to pay for big brands, but are capable and love to try some elements which are came from those big brands. Sometimes they might have a little blindness while chasing the big brand and the nearest trend. They like logo, especially when the logo looks fashionable and well designed. They also like to upload some photos about their new clothes with logo on Instagram etc. Although they might see the quality important, they could easily compromise with the that when they buy something looks nice with cheaper fabric.

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