Digital Blindness

The brief of “Digital Blindness” collection

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The collection is inspired by the TV program Black Mirror, which suggested the future might not as wonderful as we hoped, technology brings disadvantage while providing convenience to people. Not only designed for meeting the aesthetic trend in 2017 AW, this collection is also designed for warning audience that it is time to do some self-reflection about what we did to the world.
The collection is designed for the women age between 22-32, who gained or willing to gain the knowledge about what is happening around world rather than only caring about things which is matters to them. They see fashion not only as a representation of aesthetic, but also a way of expressing claim and concept. They might have innovative mind, unique personality, thinking creatively and independently, and they want to leave such an impression to the people around them. Although they think the quality of life is important, they are willing to sacrifice their comfortable life for a noble reason. They usually are influential, either celebrities.

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