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This is a research report about Storyteller



Sandra Zhang


Research Object: Storyteller

(other name: Time traveler’s tour)


Ingredients (content/context):

Time, memory flacks, nostalgia, love.



 Leading the listener traveling to a specific time, usually a period time that the teller experienced. P.S: The more valuable the experience is, the more successful the travel will be.



They represent a period of time.


Reason for researching:

Inspired by the exhibition of “Nothingness is not nothing at all”, which the artists “displayed” some invisible object by visible material, such as light, space, and time, I started to think about how does time existing in our world, what could it bring to people. By looking at the old photos, I realized that time existing in people’s memory. In addition, the experience of listening to my grandma talking, could be regarded as a time traveling. My grandma had studied in UK during 1930’s, the story she told me, the old photo she showed me, is the guidance that lead me travel to UK in 1930’s, to see what she’d saw, feel what she’d felt. Then, all these elements becoming romantic to me. Story teller handle the key to time traveling, and everyone who has valuable memory could be the story teller.


Reason for presenting:

 For letting audience feeling thinking about the meaning of time in 2017 AW, how valuable memory it brings. In addition, the feeling of experiencing the experience is also valuable to us.







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