Fast as lightning X Adidas

The brief of “Fast as lightning” collection

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This collection combines the mood of lightning-like high speed movement, and basic function of man sportswear for Adidas Original in the season of 2018 S/S, in order to create a mid-level to high-level collection and meet the relative consumers’ requirements. In addition, this will be achieved by researching relevant market and trend forecast, and studied the examples of Adidas’ cooperation brands, such as Mary Katrantzou X Adidas, Stella McCartney X? Adidas. The target consumer are men between 22-43 years old, have good plan to manage their style, body and fitness. They have quite good understanding of current trend, knows what are the hottest items in recent. They not only buy sportswear for sport, but also for mixing items for unique style. Either they are student or working people, they are in good financial situation, whatever parent supporting or their income.  This collection is suitable for them to do some casual exercise, riding, running, street sport etc.
Lightning is a natural phenomenon, usually happened in the storming or raining, with a sudden flash lighten the sky. It travels extremely fast with speed about 220,000,000 miles per hour. It is usually too fast to see, people is only able to see its afterimage without special equipment. Sport, is another thing that compete with speed. This sportswear collection is creating an illusion of lightning’s eternal movement by intercepting the second of afterimage happened and freezing it.
The collection adopted inspiration from the trends both of Slow futures and Youth tonic in 2018 S/S, and a pattern was designed for digital print based on the concept of lightning. The collection is designed for meeting the commercial need of Adidas while blend in a concept which will make strong appeal on the target consumer.

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