Impression of Lijiang

The brief of Impression of Lijiang

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The brief of “Impression of Lijiang” collection
The collection is about contextualizing the landscape in Lijiang into a modern statement, in order illustrating the unique cultural that Lijiang has while considering mid-level brand consumer’s expectation. By researching relevant market and trend forecast, to understand the key elements that might popular between 23-36 years old women in 2018 S/S; also, the researching on Vivian Westwood, provides an overview of how the mid-level brand’s designer put the inspiration into design process while combining commercial concerning.
Lijiang is a city in China, compared to most part of China, it has unfamiliar custom due to it is near the west boundary of China and combined the culture from foreign lands. Lijiang has stunning scenery, such as Yulong Mountain and the scenery under mountain. Traditional Buildings at Lijiang has some unique feature as well, such as the screen wall which facing the front gate of the whole building. Cultured by minority custom, the citizen there were good at singing, the sounds over mountain, illustrates a cultural appeal.
The collection adopted inspiration from both Kinship and Slow futures trends in 2018 S/S, and two patterns were designed for digital print based on the Lijiang’s landscape but in an abstract interpretation while modified the color palette to meet the trend. The inspiration for garments silhouette was taking from trend research and the study of Vivian Westwood, but modified to combine the elements from Lijiang’s landscape and feature building in details. The collection is designed into a subtle balance between the wild appeal of Lijiang and modern luxury statement.

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